Safe Haven Community Center & Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy
 Prevention & Intervention Holistic Center serving children & families in the Greater Omaha Community Since 1999 

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About Safe Haven Community Center Programs & Services

Our mission is to provide education and housing services to adults, children and families while acting as a holistic resource and referral advocacy social service community center insuring that all clients receive education and housing services needed to have a healthy stable home environment and to become productive citizens.  

Safe Haven Community Center is 501( c) 3 grassroots agency.  We a assist children, adults and families who may other wise fall through the cracks of our education, housing, and social service system.  The center programs provide youth and adult education classes, housing  and tutorial services to American, Somalia, Sudanese, Korea, Burma, and Hispanic youth and adults.   Ms. Easter staff, teachers and volunteers have helped youth and adults learn to read and write, learn English, prepare for GED testing, jobs, and assist in meeting other family housing needs.  

 Safe Haven Community Center Youth & Adult Education program has served over 398 students through Youth and Adult Basic Education Literacy, GED, ESL, Job Readiness classes and Work Experience program including over 225 Maximus Employment First participants since 2007 and Rescare clients.  We have helped a few adults’ study for their citizenship.  Safe Haven Community Center has also served over 578 families through the Home Intervention Referral Service.  Our housing specialists research, connect and advocate for low-income families who are in jeopardy of losing their home or in need of a home get connected  to community agencies and churches for utilities, deposits, rent. Our specialist advocates for adults and families to receive services because often times there are barriers that disqualify a family from receiving services. 

Our specialist work with families to connect to landlords to rent their properties. Our specialist are certified Rentwise trainers. It is our goal to offer a RentWise education training to educate individuals and families about renting and other topics that support families housing need.


                     Adopt -A- Child for Education

In 2012, Safe Haven Community Center adopted Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy “KIDS CAN READ!™ Reading Tutorial Academy program.  This program supports low-income parents  and their children who do not receive childcare benefits and do not receive other tutoring services. The program serves children who struggle with reading, have a learning disability,   dyslexia, and dysgraphia.

This program is supported by  Safe Haven Early Childhood Preschool Education Academy , donors  and  volunteers  and offered when funding is available.   Qualification Apply.

If you would like to Adopt -A- Child for Education,  volunteer to be a tutor  or  donate please contact us at 402 932-6103 for more information.  Thank you for helping us support children. 

KIDS CAN READ! ™ Reading Tutorial Academy™ has it's  own KIDS CAN READ BOOK CLUB™ with over a thousand books.   Since 1999, Ms. Easter a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has offered through Safe Haven Community Center 14 Safe Night Youth Rally events reaching over 3,000 families promote putting God first, non-violence, and avoidance of drugs, alcohol and gang life. Promoting love, peace, and neighborhood safety unity in the community. 

 Safe Haven Early Child Preschool Education Academy serve infants  to 12 years olds. We are a proud supporter of Safe Haven Community Center and has donated space and other support as needed for the community center programs and services. 

 We would like to thank staff, volunteers, parents, donors and the community for supporting our efforts to help children, adults and families through our various programs and services.




             Parent Testimony

Thank You so Much for All You Do!  Safe Haven is a diamond in the rough of our city-much appreciation.  May God continue to bless. My family and I  would like to sincerely thank you for all your time, effort and work you put into helping us save our home and finding funds to help with July rent. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. What a blessing you are to our community for all you do helping families in need and working with our  children to reach their full learning potentials.

 Love M. Scott and family

First slide is our current building.  Pictures of our first building, name, sign 1999. We used one of the rooms for office for Safe Haven Community Center.  
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